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ATYLA Ship experience

Only for adventurous souls!

Win a life changing experience on real pirate ship built in 1980 in Spain by hand. Learn how to maintain such a ship and how to survive on a sea and on land.
The time will fly slower because the world stops for a while. Yes, these moments will occur repeatedly and everything will start to make sense to you. Sunrise over the sea, wind in the hair and laughter with new interesting people. Exactly the ones you were suppose to meet here.
You will never forget this. In a good way of course.Trust me!

About the project

ATYLA International Training Ship Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation that operates the tall ship ATYLA.

ATYLA sails the seas providing challenging and exciting and experiences specially designed to encourage individuals, nurture the development of responsible leaders, to become proactive team players, and create respectful, open-minded members of society.

About the ship

ATYLA is one of the very few handmade wooden-hulled tall ships in the world that still operates.
Painted scarlet red, and based on an original design inspired by the schooners of the 19th century, she looks exactly as if she has sailed straight out of a pirate legend.
Inside ATYLA’s hull are her cosy living quarters, designed to make you feel at home whilst at sea. ATYLA can accommodate up to 24 people overnight, or up to 80 people on day trips.
This is not a yacht vacation. However you will have decent conditions to enjoy this very experience in cozy own cabin, large social room, nutritious meal served 3 times a day, electricity and clean bathrooms.

Register and Win adventure

SHARE this post to win 500€ for a sailing adventure with us this season - it could be a FREE trip!

How can you win

First step- Register on and:

Only one of the options below is needed to participate.
Please do so before 31 March 2018

Each one of the following points counts as one (1) participation (participants can do several
or all of them to increase their chances):

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When and where?

You can ship to the destination you choose from our current offer. Dates are available from April to October. When you win, you will receive 500€ voucher you can use when ordering a trip.
Please find our current sail offer here.
Contest terms and conditions find here please.

Register and Win adventure

SHARE this post to win 500€ for a sailing adventure with us this season - it could be a FREE trip!

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