surf the web for free
How to travel around the world while surfing the Internet? Certainly many of you have experienced the situation that you need to be online and there is no wifi connection available. Nowadays, being online is a necessity but how to travel and not to loose your savings? We know that roamig prices are not yet so low that you can afford it everywhere. So we have found a great solution for you. It's a sim card from surfroam.

Borderless connectivity

Carefully supported

Any device

Free shipping

Easy Pay As You Go

Instantly Ready

surf the web for free
Price of one Surfroam SIM is 15€
*included Є15 credit & free worldwide shipping
Finally, the Internet becomes borderless! With your Surfroam SIM, you can surf abroad, whenever and wherever you go.
The Surfroam is a prepaid global internet roaming service for frequent travelers to help them be connected everywhere anytime. Surfroam service is economical, easy to use, with no contract nor hidden fees. The Surfroam SIM is compatible with any SIM enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, Mifi, cameras and M2M applications. Worldwide 2G/3G/4G compatibility with low rate coverage from Є0.01 per MB in over 200 countries making the Surfroam the must-have SIM for travelers who wish to maximize their budget and not have to worry about being extorted by their current multiple local SIM deals.
Available at as low of a price as €15, Surfroam SIM comes for free, you pay for included balance top-up only, combined with free shipping option and 30-day money back guarantees it is a real bargain.
You can use the SIM for a full year before your pay as you go balance expires. But a refill will set the clock back, and you can use Surfroam for another year. You will not worry about running out of data with numerous payment options including Visa, Master, Dinners and AMEX cards, Paypal, Bitcoins, Litecoins and more. website offers complete information including the service FAQ, delivery options, online orders tracking, the helpful blog with tips and tricks for travelers, rates for internet connection in all covered countries and a full 24/7 customer care.
Get continuous internet access in foreign locations with our fantastic product.

Wolfare - Travelling has never been easier

Small card. Big relief.

No contract, no hidden charges, no commitments! Pay as you go as much as you need, not more.
Low per MB cost will save you money for great voyage.
Stay connected for less.



France Є0.02
Spain Є0.02
Italy Є0.01
Turkey Є0.02
Germany Є0.02
UK Є0.01
Russia Є0.02
Austria Є0.01
Greece Є0.01
Poland Є0.01

South America

Brazil Є0.02
Argentina Є0.05
Chile Є0.02
Peru Є0.04
Colombia Є0.02
Venezuela Є0.06
Ecuador Є0.04
Paraguay Є0.02
Uruguay  Є0.03


China Є0.05
Thailand Є0.02
Hong Kong Є0.01
Japan Є0.05
S. Korea Є0.01
Singapore Є0.02
Armenia Є0.02
Georgia Є0.02
Kazakhstan Є0.01
Kyrgyzstan Є0.02


Australia Є0.01
New.Zealand Є0.01
Fiji Є0.02
Papua.New.Guinea Є0.02
Samoa Є0.02
Tonga Є0.02
Vanuatu Є0.02

North America

USA Є0.02
Mexico Є0.01
Canada Є0.02
Costa Rica Є0.05
El Salvador Є0.04
Guatemala Є0.02
Nicaragua Є0.04
Panama Є0.04
Barbados Є0.03
Grenada Є0.02


South.Africa Є0.02
Mozambique Є0.05
Egypt Є0.03
Congo Є0.09
Ghana Є0.01
Lesotho Є0.04

Coverage and pricing subject to change.

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surf the web for free

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