Malaria is a insidious illness, and about half a billion people suffers on it annually. It occurs primarily along the equator, from South America to Asia. The largest concentration is in Sub-Saharan Africa. There is no vaccination for this disease, but appropriate prevention will protect you.

Mosquito Net

This is an absolute necessity if you are in the infected area. There are practical travel mosquito nets over the bed. The price is about 20 euros, but it's definitely worth the safety of your dreams. If you go to the nature, it's great to have a mosquito net on your hat. Mosquitos will not bite you through your long clothing, and you will have mosquito net around your face, which will not hinder your sight. The price of such a cool thing start at 10 euros.
prevencia proti malarii

Smoke and elimination

You can have the highest quality mosquito net, but you still have an issue if the mosquito gets under it. Therefore, it is appropriate to literally smoke out the room, or to use repellent fragrances and oils. Smoke out the space with sage, mint, or use eucalyptus essence, lavender oil and such. And then hop under the mosquito net.

Know the times of the attacks

You can defend your enemy effectively only if you know when he attacks. Only female mosquitoes from the Anopheles family are responsible for malaria. Therefore out of 400 species of mosquitoes, there are only 80 species which are dangerous. Mosquitoes that attack after dusk and around midnight are the ones you should be worried about. Therefore, during this period, it is necessary to protect yourself the most against the bites. Well-known morning mosquitoes that attack after the sunrise and fly close to the ground, for instance, are not carriers of malaria disease.


areas, is to use antimalarials, a so-called chemoprophylaxis  treatment. It should destroy malaria parasites before the breeding. But the problems are side effects and the fact that even this prevention does not work 100%. Therefore, it does not mean that if you are using antimalarials, you do not have to follow the above procedures. These are the absolute basis for survival in the area of ​​malaria.

Fool the mosquito

The mosquito choose the victim to be based on several factors. The first is the CO2 in the breath, the second body temperature and the smell of a certain blood type, they like the taste of 0 type the most. That's why you need to fool him as fast as possible. A considerable smell of garlic from your breathe keeps the mosquito away. Besides, garlic gets into the blood, so it can mask your natural odor. Beer is also effective. You can use a repellent or fragrant oil on your skin. The truth is that armed like this, you will probably not be the best travelling buddy for other people, but at least  you reduce the risk of becoming a victim of an infected mosquito.

React immediately

In case of malaria, it is most important to act immediately. It is a fatal disease that is totally treatable if it is cured immediately. Therefore, treatment needs to be deployed within 48 hours of the first symptoms, and then malaria will only have symptoms like a lighter flu. Therefore, if you feel that you have a flu in the tropical area, do not try to ignore it. It can be malaria.

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